Regional Highlights

1 team per grad year per region:

High school   2025 I 2026 I 2027 I 2028

Middle School   2029 I 2030 I 2031

About the Application Process:

The AU Futures National Summit Application will be open to any and all 2025-2031 athletes.  Applications will be accepted on a rolling admission basis, only limited by regional team capacity. Each team will host 18 athletes limited only by position: 5 attackers, 5 defenders, 6 midfielders, 2 goalies.


Why the change from regional tryouts in previous years?


The opportunity and accessibility to the AU Futures National Summit is now greatly enhanced.  Athletes now have the opportunity to attend the Summit without tryout date, location, and economic restrictions.



This process allows open recruiting and coaching from all levels of college coaches and Pros.  Division I, II, and III coaches will be on the field along with the National Summit athletes. They will be recruiting and coaching the regional teams alongside our AU Pros.

Application Procedures: 

Step 1:  All interested players need to click on the “APPLY” link by your respective Region. Application fees apply.

Step 2:  You MUST then submit the Recommendation Confirmation link to either your High School or Club Coach.  This link is provided to you at the end of your initial application; it is also copied below.

Step 3:  Once you are accepted to the National Summit, you will be sent a final confirmation and formal registration link.  You will then register and submit payment and required information needed for your Player Profile for the AU Futures National Summit.  If your regional team is full by the time your application is submitted, you will receive a notice about your status on the waitlist for your position on the team.